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Authoritative Identity Management Exchange (AIMe) provides 100% accurate record matching, access and live updates, enabling coordinated care for patients at all points of contact within the GBUAHN system

February 25, 2016 07:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LifeMed ID today announced a strategic collaboration with The Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network (GBUAHN), based in Buffalo, NY, to provide accurate patient identification and record matching that enables enhanced coordinated care delivery across disparate healthcare providers and IT systems.

GBUAHN is the sixth largest health home in New York State and was formed in 2012 to provide improved care coordination, advanced linkage resources and management to Medicaid beneficiaries with multiple or severe chronic conditions. GBUAHN providers coordinate appropriate medical services for their patients, across the spectrum of primary, acute and chronic physical health, or behavioral health care.

GBUAHN engaged LifeMed ID to deliver a solution that allows over 140 physician members and 65 downstream providers to accurately identify its client members. Once verified, each client is precisely matched to their unique healthcare record, which can then be accessed and updated in real time at any point of contact within the network via the “G-Card,” GBUAHN’s smart card.

Enabled by the LifeMed ID solution, GBUAHN is the first healthcare organization in Western New York to issue free smart cards to all of its patients. Tokenizing patients allows GBUAHN providers to accurately identify patients at any point of contact across the entire network, resulting in automated patient processing, enhanced care coordination, and improved patient safety. Since initial implementation, GBUAHN has experienced reduced office wait times, elimination of duplicate and overlay medical records, minimal keystroke errors and other administrative efficiencies.

“As a possible value based ACO pilot for New York State, we’re using LifeMed ID’s technology to evolve with healthcare,” said Raul Vazquez, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, GBUAHN. “Medicare is moving to a value based model and the only way to evolve with this kind of model is by having the ability to track quality, cost and patient satisfaction. LifeMed ID is providing an effective means of addressing these issues, while allowing us to seamlessly expand our network to better serve the needs of our growing patient population.”

GBUAHN plans to expand its network solution implementation to include six GBUAHN medical facilities, six Rite Aid locations for consultation, two hospital emergency rooms, and 46 mobile care coordinators that will be networked for at-home patient visits. GBUAHN expects to serve more than 30,000 patients, and LifeMed ID provides the scalability that is foundational to GBUAHN’s vision.

About LifeMed ID

LifeMed ID enables accurate patient identification by providing Authoritative Identity Management Exchange™ (AIMe), a patent pending comprehensive ID platform. AIMe provides confirmation that patients are accurately known as they travel throughout the various stages of care, allowing facilities to confidently welcome patients and successfully manage their identities. Patients simply present their ID which is already linked to their unique records at check-in. This process provided by AIMe allows physicians to reference the right information for treatment. For more information, visit