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QuadraMed Corporation today announced the company has entered into a joint venture called “Better Together” with LifeMed ID, Inc. br />
February 2, 2015

RESTON, VA – (February 02, 2015)
– QuadraMed Corporation today announced the company has entered into a joint venture called “Better Together” with LifeMed ID, Inc. The new partnership combines QuadraMed’s top ranked Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution with LifeMed ID’s leading deterministic patient identity authentication technology providing a comprehensive solution that essentially eliminates many root causes of patient misidentification.

“Better Together is a win for healthcare providers and patients alike,” said Vicki Wheatley, Executive Vice President of EMPI at QuadraMed. “Our joint venture with LifeMed ID provides the ability to streamline identity validation, automate workflow processes, and decrease end-user administrative costs. Healthcare organizations can now be assured that every patient will have one true identity that is permanently linked to the correct medical record across all points of care. We call this concept, ‘enroll once, engage many’.”

QuadraMed’s EMPI and data management services eliminate duplicate records and link fragmented patient records within and across each data source in a health system. This establishes a strong platform on which to deploy LifeMed ID to positively validate and authenticate every patient to maintain consistent identity across disparate systems. LifeMed ID validates most all ID tokens to authenticate a patient. Once a patient’s demographics and tokens are verified, the identity token is permanently linked to their medical record and can be used at every participating facility using point of service terminals regardless of which EHR, practice management or registration system is in use. Patient registration is automated within 30 seconds and avoids timeconsuming and repetitive registration processes at each point of care.

Clinicians will be able to provide care with confidence knowing that they have the right medical record for each patient. The healthcare enterprise will operate more efficiently and the risk of medical identity fraud is drastically reduced. “Accurate patient identity is the foundation to optimizing workflow processes, patient safety, and satisfaction,” said David Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer at LifeMed ID. “The combination of deterministic and algorithmic identification methods establishes near 100% accurate patient identity.”

To learn more about QuadraMed EMPI, visit, and more information about LifeMed ID is available at

About QuadraMed Corporation

QuadraMed® is a leading provider of award-winning healthcare technologies and services that improve the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care. Founded in 1993, QuadraMed provides proven, flexible solutions that help make our clients successful by streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and driving positive patient outcomes. Behind the Company’s products and services is a staff of 475 professionals who support clients at over 1,200 healthcare facilities. For information about QuadraMed, visit

About LifeMed ID

LifeMed ID enables accurate patient identification by providing Authoritative Identity Management Exchange™ (AIMe), a patent pending comprehensive ID platform. AIMe provides confirmation that patients are accurately known as they travel throughout the various stages of care, allowing facilities to confidently welcome patients and successfully manage their identities. Patients simply present their ID which is already linked to their unique records at check-in. This process provided by AIMe allows physicians to reference the right information for treatment. For more information, visit