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Patient Identification

Lenovo Health Authoritative Identity Management Exchange™ (AIMe) powered by LifeMed ID provides confirmation that patients are accurately identified and linked to their correct medical records as they travel throughout your healthcare network. AIMe is a superior ID solution that enables you to confidently welcome patients and successfully manage their identity across the care continuum.

By simply establishing a secure and unique ID linked to a patient's correct medical records, AIMe gives you the power of knowing that each patient is accurately identified at every point of care. This seamless process upholds data quality, achieves improved staff productivity, safeguards against medical identity fraud, and directs the focus where it is rightfully deserved - on each patient.

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Patient Processing

1. Patient scans a QR Code
from the AIMe ID smart phone app* and provides a PIN code as a 2nd factor authentication
2. Instantly and accurately
verifies patient’s identity, address and insurance eligibility as part of the check-in process
3. Invoke patient’s medical record
from your EHR in less than 60 seconds at any point of care

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Patient Care

1. You can assure
positive patient identification throughout the various levels of patient care
2. Instantly print a wristband
from the same screen used to verify patient information
3. Enable adherence to Five Rights
by providing the ability to positively identify patients and access their correct medical record

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Patient Payments

1. Confirm how much patients owe
including co-pay, deductible and outstanding balance
2. Patients use their payment card
with a VeriFone e355 payment module to make their payment
3. Streamline the patient experience
and expedite payment collection at the point of service*
*COMING SOON: facilitate remote payments and consolidated reporting

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See what AIMe can do in action


Identity Check
Increase privacy and security with real-time assurance that a patient is who they claim to be

Token Agnostic
AIMe allows you to choose which ID token type is best for your patients and various care environments
AIMe notifies if there is more current demographic information, helping to improve data quality across the network
Address Check
Strengthen billing accuracy with real-time assurance that a patient’s address is true

Establish high access security with multi-factor authentication measures prior to patient registration
Patient Wristbands
Ensure positive ID by integrating with identification wristband technology
Insurance Check
Support billing with real-time assurance that insurance information and amounts due are correct
Payment Collection
Support collections by providing the ability to seamlessly collect payments

RPM Dashboard
Maximize solution utilization across your organization with Registration Patient Monitoring™

Interoperable Across All Facilities

When a patient has multiple medical records within your network, AIMe associates these to a unique ID to automatically invoke the correct information at each of your care locations.
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AIMe adheres to the highest level of international security standards


AIMe strictly complies with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and is aligned with industry standards and best practices


AIMe seamlessly integrates with your existing EHR and healthcare IT vendors already in place

Secure and trusted services for healthcare

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