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We Had A Vision To Revolutionize Healthcare

Who We Are

LifeMed ID enables accurate patient identification by providing Authoritative Identity Management Exchange™ (AIMe), a patent pending comprehensive ID platform. AIMe provides confirmation that patients are accurately known as they travel throughout the various stages of care, allowing facilities to confidently welcome patients and successfully manage their identities. Patients simply present their ID which is already linked to their unique records at check-in. This process provided by AIMe allows physicians to reference the right information for treatment.


LifeMed ID's mission is to optimize the patient experience and reduce healthcare costs by providing innovative and disruptive technology that addresses indisputable challenges in the industry. Achieving the positive shift starts with what our team has successfully accomplished: unprecedented patient processing accuracy by ensuring that the right patient is matched to the correct record every time.

Our Evolution

LifeMed ID's pioneering team are industry experts, delivering software based solutions to healthcare organizations for more than 20 years, while gleaning keen insights into the challenges healthcare organizations face during patient registration. Typographical mistakes, duplicate records, and erroneous record selection are a regular and costly occurrence, resulting in hours of troubleshooting, record cleanup, patient dissatisfaction, and significant potential for wrong patient care. Our solution was designed to mitigate these challenges. Since our first implementation in 2008, the solution has evolved into a highly cost effective, easy to deploy, ubiquitous product that fits into any healthcare environment, regardless of existing software.

New Identity Platform

LifeMed ID provides a new foundation from which healthcare organizations can welcome patients and successfully identify the patient across the care continuum. By providing an expedient patient intake process, registrars can focus less on bureaucracy and more on each patient.


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