Healthcare’s Answer To Patient Identification Challenges
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Improve Safety and Efficiency with LifeMed ID

With LifeMed ID, you can save money, improve the patient registration experience, and guarantee accurate patient validation
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Up to 15% of medical records
are duplicates or have errors.
Cutting Healthcare Costs

Duplicate records cost each hospital up to $2.5 million in lost revenue every year. For LifeMed ID, even one duplicate record is one too many.

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$105 billion is lost
annually due to fraud.
Prevents Fraud

LifeMed ID connects disparate Health information systems so you can ensure the right patient is connected to the right record.

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60% of preventable deaths
are attributed to patient
Eliminates Duplicate Records and Overlays

LifeMed ID solves inaccurate patient identity which is responsible for up to 60% of annual preventable deaths.

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